Expanded use of single-digit jersey numbers likely to pass

Expanded use of single-digit jersey numbers likely to pass

The Chiefs have proposed the expanded use of single-digit numbers. Unlike many new proposals, which require a few attempts before getting enough votes, this one could sail through with 24 or more votes on the first try.

Peter King writes in his Football Morning in America column that the measure is likely to pass. King also lays out the new formula that will apply regarding jersey numbers.

QB, punter, kicker: 1-19.
RB, TE, WR: 1-49, 80-89.
DB: 1-49.
LB: 1-59, 90-99.
OL: 50-79.
DL: 50-79, 90-99.

As explained last week, the Chiefs made the request because of the increasing number of players and shrinking assortment of available numbers. It also is regarded as something “fun.”

The fun will stop when players start jockeying for the same single-digit numbers, and when punters and kickers start getting squeezed to give up numbers that running backs, receivers, linebackers, defensive backs, and tight ends. And the fun will become money when fans start buying the jerseys with the single-digit numbers on them.