Brave off-duty policewoman single-handedly breaks up savage street brawl

Brave off-duty policewoman single-handedly breaks up savage street brawl

A brave off-duty policewoman put herself in the middle of a pack of brawling men to stop a violent street fight.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the heroic actions of Clare Larkey-Jones who single-handedly grabbed Callum Lee Davies “mid punch” during an attack on Ryan Jones.

The violence escalated after 19-year-old Davies kicked a football at Mr Jones’ friend’s car in Caernarfon, Gwynedd, on January 3 last year.

After angry words were exchanged, Davies can be seen headbutting his victim before punching him and pulling him to the floor and then kicking him.

He also encourages his friends to join in the attack.

Mold Crown Court heard how the gang had “acted like a pack of animals” before PC Larkey-Jones intervened “without thought for her own safety.”

Davies from Caernarfon, is currently serving six years and nine months in jail for two unprovoked attacks within 24 hours of each other in April last year.

He was further sentenced to 12 months to run concurrently after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Judge Nicola Jones told him: “Thankfully, PC Clare Larkey-Jones, who was off duty that evening, with no thought for her own safety, clearly thinking only of restoring order and protecting Ryan Jones from further injury, intervened and pulled you off Ryan Jones.

“She got in the middle of all of all of these men who were behaving violently.

“She very clearly and robustly sent everybody on their way.”

The judge asked for PC Larkey-Jones to be present in court so she could speak personally to her.

Judge Jones said: “I wanted to thank you and commend you for your bravery that night.

“I’ve seen what this man is capable of in relation to other offences and had you not intervened, there’d have been a very real risk of more serious injury to Ryan Jones and certainly a real risk of more public disorder.”

The judge said when other people in the vicinity walked past or were too fearful to intervene, “you just went straight over, you weren’t on duty, and within seconds, you resolved the whole thing.”

She thanked the officer on behalf of the people of Caernarfon and said she was going to write to the chief constable to share her appreciation.

After the court case, North Wales Police Detective Inspector Iolo Edwards added his praise.

He said: “We are clearly very proud of Clare’s tenacity which is evidenced in this incident.

“As police officers, our responsibilities can go beyond our duty time, and her intervention on this occasion is likely to have prevented a member of the public from suffering a more significant and devastating injury.”